Published On: Sun, Aug 8th, 2010

Another Busy Week for Social Media [ROUND-UP]

It’s been an interesting week in the world of social media and whilst I could bore you with another Google Wave obituary, I’ll instead point you in the direction of Jeff Jarvis, who wrote a fascinating blog post, rightly accusing the Wall Steet Journal of amongst other things, scaremongering and hypocrisy for its attack on the cookies being used by websites to gather information. Whilst, he focused a lot on the provocative and somewhat hysterical language the article employed, Jeff also raised some important points about the potential route for online advertising.

Social Media Examiner published a thoughtful post looking at social media ROI. Although I do not necessarily agree with everything the post’s author, Nichole Kelly has written, she takes a very metrics driven approach and demonstrates how social media can be utilised for CRM. Once again, I applaud anyone whose thoughts generate further discussion on this topic and recommend you check out her post.Elsewhere, Mashable looked at how businesses may harness social media in the future. As someone who is always looking ahead and thinking how our clients could use the latest tools or platforms to communicate with consumers, I found it a great read. Ad Week highlighted the stats from the recent Old Spice campaign. I’ve included this article as it really strengthens the business case for social media and highlights the bottom line impact, something clients will always ask about. Whilst, Matt Ambrose penned a very handy post featuring useful tips and advice on using #hashtags in your marketing.

Cookie Madness!
I just don’t understand Julia Angwin’s scare story about cookies and ad targeting in the Wall Street Journal. That is, I don’t understand how the Journal could be so breathlessly naive, unsophisticated, and anachronistic about the basics of the modern media business.

How to Measure Social Media Return on Investment for the Complex Sale
Are you trying to figure out how social media is impacting your bottom line? Are you already measuring but not seeing the results you had hoped for? One of the reasons measuring the return on investment (ROI) of social media has sparked so many discussions is because it’s not easy. The main barrier to end-to-end measurement is the lack of a true social customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

How Small Businesses Will Use Social Media in the Future
Short of saying we’ll all be doing business from Foursquare-fueled hover cars, the future of social media and small business is very much an unknown. While most social media-savvy businesses undoubtedly have an online presence, the ability to then monetize online efforts is still in its infancy.

Old Spice’s agency flexes its bulging stats
“Did the Old Spice campaign really work?” has become modern marketing’s version of “Who lost China?” Camps are firmly established, and facts are selectively deployed. Old Spice says it’s ecstatic with the results, and most independent analysis appears to back them up.

Why You Might Soon be Adding Twitter Hashtags to Your Business Cards
Loved by many, irritating to some, Twitterhashtags are fast becoming an integral part of the internet’s vernacular. According to recent research, hashtags are now being used in blogs, forums and other social networking sites for highlighting key topics (and for witty asides).

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