Published On: Mon, Dec 20th, 2010

Fantastic e-portfolio Tool Integrated with LinkedIn

I recently discovered (accidentally) a great e-portfolio service integrated with LinkedIn – it’s from Behance and called the Creative Portfolio Display. The application is not particularly new, having been launched in late July, but it was under my radar and seems to have low awareness amongst students that I speak to.

Nonetheless, as someone who is a big advocate of e-portfolios, this looks like a great service and a genuinely useful collaboration between LinkedIn and Behance, the e-portfolio platform. This is significant as we are seeing the number one professional networking site joining forces with the top e-portfolio platform. In a nutshell, LinkedIn has the numbers and Behance the tools to really benefit collaborators and users alike.

From my perspective, I know that employers like to see graduates on LinkedIn and Creative Portfolio Display enables users to showcase their best work – something which is sure to support their application and boost their Personal SEO. Best of all, this service is free.

Whilst, I’ve not used Behance personally (except for a quick experiment), I know many who sing its praises within the creative industries. Although, this service is not going to replace personal websites, blogs or CVs, it certainly looks like another great tool to manage and leverage your online reputation and showcase work.

I’d be interested to know what people think of Creative Portfolio Display. If I was a student looking for a job in 2011 or required to produce a portfolio, I’d certainly investigate Behance.

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  1. Mark Dorey says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for this – not heard of the service either, but will definitely give it a try and let you know how I get on!

    Have a great Christmas and New Year, hopefully catch up in 2011!


    • Ben Cotton says:

      Hi Mark,

      It looks like a great tool and I’d be curious to see how you get on with it!

      I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year too – sadly I won’t be able to make it to the annual Carol service (I’m guessing it was yesterday?!).

      See you in 2011!



  2. Scott Belsky says:

    Thanks Ben. Glad you noticed it…the integration took over a year of Behance working closely with LinkedIn…and you’re right, it has been a bit “under the radar.”

    I think you’ll appreciate a large announcement our team at Behance will be making in early 2011 – it takes the Creative Portfolio Display that syncs with LinkedIn to another place – your own personal website. Stay tuned…


    • Ben Cotton says:

      Hey Scott,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I think the coming together of Linked In and Behance offers a much enhanced proposition to users who really want to maximise their Linked In profile and showcase their best work.

      In 2010 we saw Linked In become a lot more dynamic and this tool looks like the natural progression beyond static profiles, which in my opinion are beginning to look rather staid on their own when there is such rich media out there.

      I’ve played around with personal website platforms like Flavors, but have not been particularly impressed, so I got my friend to build me one, which can be viewed here:

      I’m still yet to be fully convinced by these platforms, especially as do not allow you to purchase a domain name – so I look forward to hearing Behance’s big announcement.



  3. Sean Love says:

    Yes an awesome tool for creative professionals! I posted several designs on there just days ago. Post your work and it intergrates with facebook and linkedin.

    • Ben Cotton says:

      Hi Sean,

      Thanks for adding to the conversation.

      I’ve only experimented with the Behance, but I’m reliably informed by my more creative colleagues that it’s the best e-portfolio tool around.

      I’ve been a big advocate of e-portfolios since my university days and written frequently on the topic ever since ( – and I must confess that I’m rather jealous of the plethora of outstanding tools available to today’s students.



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